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These six partisans have volunteered to answer any questions you might have. You can learn a little about them by rolling over their picture. Click on their image to read a short biography and watch video excerpts from their JPEF interview.
Frank Blaichman Sonia Orbuch Mira Shelub
Frank Blaichman in World War 2
Frank Blaichman was a platoon commander with an all-Jewish partisan unit of 400 near Lublin, Poland.
Leon Idas in World War 2
In the mountains of northern Greece, 19 year-old Leon Idas fought in the ELAS liberation army against the German occupation.
Walter Marx in World War 2
Walter Marx fled his native Germany to escape the Nazis. At the age of 17 he joined the Italian partisans fighting in the Alps.
Sonia Orbuch in World War 2
In the forests of Poland, Sonia Orbuch joined a Russian partisan unit with her parents where she worked with the medical unit.
Mira Shelub in World War 2
Mira Shelub escaped death in the ghetto of Zdziedciol, Poland and met her husband -- the commander of the unit -- in the partisans.