Watch short documentary films narrated by Ed Asner, Larry King, and Liev Schreiber made from from a collection of 50 original interviews with surviving Jewish partisans shot all over the world.

Witness the Jewish partisans' stories of endurance, victory, and struggle against the Nazis in WWII. Each 3-24 minute film tells a true tale of survival and courage from actual partisans. Films are also available on DVD; please email for more information.

Introduction to the Jewish Partisans (6:37)
A brief introduction to the subject that showcases interviews with nine former partisans as well as Soviet archival footage. This video counters the prevailing notion that the Jewish experience during the Holocaust was one of passive acceptance. Ed Asner narrates.
Everyday the Impossible: Jewish Women in the Partisans (15:00)
Women made up less than 10% of the partisans. Their work in the partisan camps ranged from domestic duties such as cleaning, cooking and nursing, to reconnaissance, weapons trasnport, and armed combat. Meet 8 Jewish partisans and hear their experiences firsthand. Narrated by Tovah Feldshuh.
Living & Surviving in the Partisans: Food (3:52)
In the mind of a partisan, hunger was ever-present. Some were given food by sympathetic villagers, while others survived on a handful of beans. Nine Jewish partisans descrive what food they ate, and how it was obtained. Narrated by Larry King.
Living & Surviving in the Partisans: Winter and Night (4:16)
Partisans were often ill-equipoped for the freezing cold and snow of winter. This film features eleven partisans detailing the struggle to survive a harsh winter climate as well as how they used it to their advantage. Larry King narrates.
Living & Surviving in the Partisans: Medicine (4:43)
With few doctors and no medical supplies, partisans suffered from many diseases. Wounds were frequently left untreated. Nine former partisans recount the lack of medical care and what methods were used to treat the sick and injured. Larry King narrates.
Living & Surviving in the Partisans: Shelter (4:40)
Partisans used a variety of methods to hide from the Nazis and their collaborators. Some stayed with sympathetic peasants. Others lived in underground. Eight partisans describe where they lived as well as the constant fear of detection. Larry King narrates.
Partisans: Through the Eye of the Soviet Newsreel (3:30)
Watch actual footage of Russian and Polish partisans, of which Jewish participation numbered in the thousands, engaging in guerilla activity. The video shows the many forms of resistance partisans employed and what daily life consisted of. Ed Asner narrates.
A Partisan Returns: The Legacy of Two Sisters (21:00)
Former Bielski partisan Lisa Reibel journeys back to her home in Belarus for the first time after nearly 65 years. Experience how her story of escape, struggle and success affects her family three generations.
Fighting on Three Fronts: Antisemitism and the Jewish Partisans (13:41)
Antisemitism followed the Jews even into the ranks of partisan units. First-hand accounts describe the different ways Jewish partisans dealt with persecution, including forming all-Jewish partisan groups. Narrated by Larry King.
The Reunion (24:40)
The Reunion is a true story of family, friendship, loss and renewal when 55 Jewish partisans gather in New York City - many seeing each other for the first time in 65 years. Narrated by Liev Schreiber.
The Bielski Brothers: An Introduction (6:45)
The Bielski brigade was responsible for saving over 1,200 people in their all-Jewish partisan unit in wartime Poland. This was the single largest rescue of Jews by Jews during the Holocaust. This film is part of JPEF's on-line course on teaching with the motion picture "Defiance". Narrated by Ed Asner. To view a version of this film with Russian subtitles, click here.
What is the Jewish Partisan Educational Foundation? (3:11)
This film shows the innovative programs of the Jewish Partisan Educational Foundation. JPEF teaches about armed Jewish resistance during -- the Jewish Partisans -- during the Holocaust to thousands of schools all over the world. Narrated by Liev Schreiber.
Survival in the Forest: Isidore Karten and the Partisans (28:04)
Teenagers Jonathan and Izzy spent the summer of 2013 in Ukraine looking for traces of their grandfather, a Jewish resistance fighter during the Holocaust who helped save over 400 Jews. The brothers travel through small villages and the dense forests, meeting locals, and wresting with their responsibility to prevent genocide from happening again.